Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Selling Your Business Note

Before I go further, let me ask a question- if you won the lottery tomorrow, would
you take the payout in a lump sum or in monthly payments?

Most people would take a lump sum because even though it might be less than the
total prize, they would have control over a large sum of money now and could let
the time value of money go to work and increase their winnings.So why then would
you opt to get paid on your business sale over several years rather than take a lump
sum payout?

The answer is probably because you didn't know that you could get cash for your
business note. Peacock Capital can help you to sell your business note at a discount
and cash out now, rather than later.

Advantages to sell your business note include:

• Walk away from a business you didn't want without having a financial
anchor still attached to you for the next several years

• Use the balance owed to you to fund a new business, pay off debts or
finance education for yourself or your loved ones- now!

• Avoid the risk that the buyer will default on the loan

• Avoid the risk of the buyer going bankrupt

• No need to wait for monthly payments

If you are going to sell your business, the following criteria should be structured
into your note so that it will be more attractive to investors for purchase:

• Down payment of 30% or more

• Personal guarantee from the buyer

• Short term financing - the shorter the term the better

• Minimal seasoning of the note is needed - usually two months at least,
depending on the type of business.

A note for a business that has substantial tangible assets will be easier to sell
compared to one that does not - example: machine shop versus a coffee stand.

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